Lawn Treatments

In this technology driven era, you should be able to get better than “cookie cutter” lawn treatments.
Most lawn care providers have one method of treatment for every lawn in town. They apply the same products in the same way to every yard. This tells you that much of what is done in the lawn care industry is centered around the businesses finances, not the customer’s. We are certainly in business to make money, however, our years of experience in lawn care, and using Test-First™, can tell you that only 8% of customers who pay a “cookie cutter” company are getting what they need. If it happens, it’s only by accident. 40% of customers got a lime treatment last year, but didn’t need it.

If you don’t have proof from a professional testing facility, you are likely throwing your money away.
Agriturf can give you the most for your lawn care dollar AND be a good steward of your property. The first test is FREE, so give us a try.

Specialized Services

  • Fungicide Treatments
  • Insecticide Treatments
  • Lawn Grown Regulator
  • Flower Bed Weed Control

Lawn Care Special

Sign up for a FREE, no obligation, fertilization & weed control estimate and get your initial Test-First Prescription for FREE ($80 value)


AgriTurf, LLC is the exclusive Authorized Lawn Care Company in Jackson and Memphis for the Test-First™ Lawn Care System. When you sign up for a FREE estimate with AgriTurf, we will not only examine all of the physical characteristics of your lawn, we will also take a comprehensive soil sample of the lawn, send it into our lab, and get a prescription written specifically to meet the needs of your lawn. Our trained technicians will then follow the prescription by applying the professional products made exclusively for customers using the Test-First™ Lawn Care System.  You will only receive the treatments your lawn needs to be healthy and weed free.